Great Grasses for containers and landscapes

Great Grasses for containers and landscapes

If you are new to creating containers or a seasoned pro grasses should always be added to your repertoire. They help to add grace and height to containers and landscapes and they are so easy to care for!

Pennisetum Grass

Purple Fountain, Green Fountain, Princess and Prince

Green and Purple Fountain Grass are excellent thriller plants for large containers! The colourful plumes that emerge in the summer dance in the wind and add graceful height to your combinations.

For extra large containers or landscapes Princess or Prince Grass will add dramatic height reaching up to 6 feet tall!

Juncus Grass

ColorGrass® Twister® and Blue Mohawk®

Great for medium to large containers Juncus are great for adding texture to your combos. The curly leaves of the Twister Grass create a wild medusa look and the pin straight leaves of Blue Mohawk stand out among a dense canopy of filler plants. These multipurpose plants can also be used in water gardens as they are also classified as water plants!

Perennial Grass

Flame, Karl Forester, Blue Oat and Elijah Blue Grass

Perennial Grasses are a great addition to rock gardens and sunny locations in the landscape. Place in and around shrubs to add a woodland feel to your yard to use to help create a privacy wall around a fire pit these grasses look great year round.
Leave the plumes standing for winter as they look stunning against the snow!

Dracaena Spike

A universal favourite

Dracaena Spikes are one of our best sellers for mixed containers. The tropical feel that these plants provide to containers can be used in both sun or shady locations.
For the sun, pair these plants with supertunias to make a statement on your patio!
For the shade mix with Sunpatiens or New Guinea Impatiens to create a colourful show!

Photo Courtesy of Proven Winners (Fountain Grass, Hypoestes Hippo and Sedum Lemon Coral)

Creating beautiful combinations can be overwhelming to those that are just starting out with plant design. The most important part is choosing the right plants for your location. Ask yourself, is my location in full sun, part sun or shade? Is it in a windy tunnel or more sheltered? These are some of the first questions our staff will ask you if you need help with container design.

For full sun be sure to check the exposure of the plant either online or on the tag in person. This will help you choose the right plant for the right space. Fountain Grasses are great for sun to part sun locations especially in locations where wind can be a problem. The leaves dance in the wind without breaking and pair well with many plants that we sell in the greenhouse.

Stay tuned for our newsletter that will be all about container design!

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