Delivery Area

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Area Name Postal Code
Winnipeg North R2P --- Winnipeg (Old Kildonan)
R2V --- Winnipeg (West Kildonan)
R4A --- West St. Paul
Winnipeg North East R2C --- Winnipeg (Transcona)
R2E --- East St. Paul
R2G --- Winnipeg (North Kildonan North)
R2K --- Winnipeg (East Kildonan)
R2L --- Winnipeg (Elmwood)
R2X --- Winnipeg (Point Douglas West / Inkster East)
R3W --- Winnipeg (Grassie / Eastern North Kildonan)
Winnipeg South East R2H --- Winnipeg (St. Boniface NW)
R2J --- Winnipeg (St. Boniface NE)
R2M --- Winnipeg (St. Vital North)
R2N --- Winnipeg (St. Vital SW)
R3X --- Winnipeg (St. Boniface South / St. Vital SE)
Winnipeg South West R3L --- Winnipeg (River Heights East)
R3M --- Winnipeg (Crescentwood Central)
R3N --- Winnipeg (River Heights West)
R3P --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry NW / Tuxedo)
R3R --- Winnipeg (Assiniboine South / Betsworth)
R3S --- Winnipeg (Wilkes South)
R3T --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry NE / University of Manitoba)
R3V --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry South)
R3Y --- Winnipeg (Fort Garry West)
Winnipeg North West R2R --- Winnipeg (Inkster West)
R2W --- Winnipeg (Point Douglas East)
R2Y --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia NW)
R3A --- Winnipeg (Centennial)
R3B --- Winnipeg (Chinatown / Civic Centre / Exchange District / University of Winnipeg)
R3C --- Winnipeg (Broadway / The Forks / Portage and Main) Manitoba Provincial Government
R3E --- Winnipeg (Sargent Park / Daniel McIntyre / Inkster SE)
R3G --- Winnipeg (Minto / St. Mathews / Wolseley)
R3H --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia NE / YWG)
R3J --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia SE)
R3K --- Winnipeg (St. James-Assiniboia SW)
Rural North East

Oakbank --- R0E1J0, R0E1J1, R0E1J2, R0E1J3, R5N
Dugald --- R0E0K0, R5P
Sunnyside (RM of Springfield) --- R5R
Navin (RM of Springfield) --- R5T

Rural South West Domain --- R0G0M0
Glenlea --- R0G0S0
La Salle --- R0G0A1, R0G0A2, R0G1B0
Oak Bluff --- R0G1N0, R4G
St. Agathe --- R0G1Y0, R0G1Y1
Rural South East Howden/ St. Adolphe --- R5A
Niverville --- R0A0A1, R0A0A2, R0A1E0