In the Off Season

In the Off Season

People often ask us “What do you do when the greenhouses are closed for the season?”  I can assure you it is anything but quiet around here.  As you have probably noticed, we have been working furiously with our designers to launch a new web site and catalogue to make your gardening experience more enjoyable. 

We have been pouring through plant and seed catalogues to try to select the best for you.  For Calibrachoa alone, we have to choose from 228 different colors and varieties to find the best for you. Times that by the hundreds of species that we grow, the task can be overwhelming.  Like a child with a toy catalogue, I want one of everything.  Sometimes Rob threatens parental control on my purchases, but in the end I am a spoiled child and get everything I want.

Come the end February when we shake the frost from the greenhouse and welcome the heat of the sun on our faces, opening the boxes of plants arriving from across North America can be like Christmas morning.  I have forgotten what I wished for but am happy with everything that comes.  Hopefully Glenlea Greenhouses can give you the same experience when you come to visit us at the store or when receive your plants in the spring through a fundraiser.

Here’s hoping for an early spring



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