Beautiful Begonias

Beautiful Begonias

You've seen them as a staple in all garden centers but you have never really learned what makes each type of begonia different from the next. Begonia plants are great for those shady areas but did you know that there are some that can tolerate a bit more sun! Learn more below.

Rex Begonia

Rex begonia have stunning foliage colors that thrive in a medium light setting indoors or in the shade outdoors.  Use as a specimen plant alone or combine it with other shade loving plants.  Easy to care for.  Allow to dry slightly between watering. Grown exclusively for their unique foliage these begonias may also produce small flowers for your enjoyment.

Tuberous Begonia

Grow exclusively in the shade or out of direct sun to prevent these beautiful plants from scorching these greenhouse favourites are great for adding colour all season long! As the name suggests Non-Stop Begonia never stop blooming Blooms appear in pairs. Pinch out the smaller, single bloom so that your double bloom lasts longer.

Fibrous Begonia

These begonias have masses of 1 inch blooms available in mixed colours with glossy green leaves. Use for borders or mass planting. Also using them in containers & baskets. They are very heat tolerant & can survive drought conditions for short periods. Dragon Wing begonias create large stunning baskets or containers that are drought tolerant.

One of our greenhouse favourites is the Dragon Wing Begonia baskets! The incredible display that they put on throughout the summer with their continuous growth and blooming power is the reason that many customers come back year after year to purchase these amazing baskets. They rarely fail and can tolerate sunnier locations than other begonia types. Feed regularly to get continuous blooms all season long.

Elatier Begonia

Showy double blooms on dark green foliage to add to a basket or container. Use in shade to part sun locations. Carmen red and Evi Bright Pink are tolerant to sunnier locations. These easy to care for begonia are partly drought tolerant and can withstand drier conditions. Get the blooming power of the tuberous begonia with the drought tolerance of a fibrous! A win win!

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