Is the Polar Vortex making you dream of Spring?

Is the Polar Vortex making you dream of Spring?

You have been patiently waiting for our online store to open to get those must have plants booked for Spring. Last year we saw such a huge demand for flowers and vegetables that we don't want you to miss out! We got to see so many of our returning customers as well as many new faces that visited our greenhouse for the first time that we cannot wait to open our doors again this spring and help you get that dream garden!

We have been working hard to dot the i's and cross the t's so that you can easily find those must have plants for this year. We have made it easier to shop for exclusive products that are offered in store or for curbside and delivery as well as the excellent selection available for purchase through your local fundraising group.

Easily navigate to the products that are available through our fundraiser program to support both your favourite greenhouse and your local group! The products will be delivered on the day that the group has booked and all you have to do is drive and pick up your ordered plants. It's that easy!

Want some of the hottest plants on the market but don't want to shop in person? We can do that too! We have added some of most popular plants from our retail onto our website so that you can order it now so that in May you can pick up in store or get it delivered right to your door.

We have made some changes that we know you will love! Bigger 13 inch tomato pots for your patio to grow bigger and better plants!

Decorative 11 inch containers for patio carrots, radishes, beets, peas and beans! Not only will they taste good, they now look good!

Want to grow in raised beds or a garden? Our value packs will give you the best bang for your buck giving you chosen varieties for your garden! From specially chosen plants to make your best tasting salsas and pasta sauce to mixed vegetables so that even the most beginner gardener has fun getting their hands dirty. 


Have troubles designing that perfect combination?
Let us make the design choice for you! Our hanging baskets and containers add an instant pop of colour to your patio. We have you covered from your sunniest spots to your shadiest of steps. 


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