How to grow succulents

How to grow succulents

No longer just a trendy plant that you see in garden centers, succulents have become a staple item to shop due to their diversity versatility in the landscape.

Perennial Succulents

Sunsparkler sedum, Autumn Joy, Dragons Blood and Hens & Chicks

Perennial sedum are best know for their ability to withstand some of the driest parts of your garden. Plant in well draining soil and in full sun to part sun environments. Most of these perennial succulents are great for attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies when they bloom in late summer. Use in rock gardens to add colour and texture among large decorative stones and shrubs. 


For fall clean up for many perennial succulents cut back any spent blooms and any stems that have died back for the year. You should notice new buds forming at the base of the plant which will be new growth for next spring! We recommend covering with straw or leaf litter to insulate for the winter.

Medicinal Aloe Vera

Great for treating minor skin irritations like burns, cuts and rashes

Medicinal Aloe Vera is your go to plant for treating minor sunburns and other skin irritations. We always suggest that you test a small area of your skin or talk to your doctor if you are taking other topical skin treatments to make sure that you do not get any bad reactions to the gel of the plant. To use the healing qualities of this plant we recommend cutting off only what you need with a clean, sharp knife from the older growth to keep your plant looking great. The plant will not regrow the leaf that you cut and will create a dark scab across the top of the leaf where it was cut. Each time you need to use the plant keep taking from the same leaf until it is used up. Grow in full sun indoors and out. 

Annual Succulent Species

Echeveria, Crassula, Haworthia and String of Dolphins

Some of the most recognized house plants on the market, annual succulents are great for adding life and colour to extremely sunny decks and patios. Grow in full to part sun outside and protect from overwatering during storms but make sure to water your containers when the soil is dry to the touch. These succulents can be brought indoors for the winter, but like all plants that are brought from outside to the indoor environment, we suggest keeping the plants in isolation to make sure they do not bring in any outdoor pests. Grow indoors in full sun spaces that receive six hours of sunlight a day or get supplemented with grow lights to maintain the plants shape and colour.

Not only are succulents great on their own, but when combined into shallow bowls and window boxes the combination of leaf shapes and the rainbow of colours grow together to create a beautiful display. Grow in natural materials such as terracotta, clay or wood to really help these desert beauties stand out!

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